“Next Generation Initiative”

FrontRunner Media “Next Generation Initiative” is focused on and committed to enabling the next generation of media professionals to be successful. The “Next Generation Initiative” provides multiple opportunities for individuals who have a desire to pursue a career in the media production field. Through client projects interns get hands-on experience and work alongside professionals in the media production industry. The initiative, through live event coverage, studio and field production, and corporate projects, allows them to develop their skills to the point they are career-ready. Whether their career desire is to Produce, Direct, Run Camera, Edit, or On Camera Talent, we provide opportunities for them to gain these experiences and more.


The “Next Generation Initiative” is also focused on, and committed to providing post educational support for high school interns who require financial assistance and college grads who are seeking jobs and require industry connection.

  • FrontRunner Media has created a scholarship fund to assist high school interns who have successfully completed the requirements of the Media Production Program.
  • FrontRunner Media is making connections, and building relationships throughout the industry that enables us to connect interns to companies who are looking to fill position that require their skill set.

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As a part of “Next Generation Initiative”, FrontRunner Media has been retained to manage the operations for the MIC Network. A few of our key responsibilities are Media Production, Promotions, Marketing, and Partnership Development for the MIC Network. The MIC embodies eight of the largest, most sports-rich schools in Central Indiana, and the MIC Network is the vehicle by which they will be showcased. The Network has shown consistent growth in viewership for it’s football and basketball Games of the Week broadcasts. In addition to live-streamed games the MIC Network website themicnetwork.in  and it’s mobile application has feature stories, pre-produced programs, a dynamic scoreboard and video-on-demand in an unprecedented format for high school sports. 

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