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Mobile Video Production

FrontRunner Media NG mobile production services offers clients an affordable way to produce a multi camera event. Featuring the very latest in state of the art broadcast technology, our mobile production trailer is equipped with up to 7 matching high definition production cameras utilizing SMPTE fiber, Go Pros, tripods, Ross Carbonite production switcher, wireless audio, communications, 24 channel audio board, graphics, NewTek 3-Play video replay system, various recording/playback options, field monitors, complete streaming capability, and much more. This trailer provides you with everything that’s needed to execute a top-quality production



• 2 Benches of main production • Separate area for engineering and I/O panel • 2 AC units • 2 heating units


• Ross Carbonite 2ME 24 Input


• Presonus 32.4.2 A (iPad Control) • CD Player • Audio Patch Panel • Studio Technologies on-air headsets


• JVC HM790 SMPTE Hybrid Fiber • Telecast Shed for each camera • 5 buildup cameras 2 hand held • ST Single Mode Fiber • 5 Fujinon XT17sx • 2 Fujinon XT20sx • Libec 750 Tripods


• Newtek 3Play 4800 • AJA KiPro • 2 DVD Recorders

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