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Pre & Post Production

Pre Production

What’s the purpose of your video? Who’s your targeted audience? What are you going to shoot?  What equipment are you going to use? Who’s going to do what? Pre Production is one of the most important phases of any project. This is where FrontRunner Media shines. We assist you in bringing your ideas to life. Utilizing our PTMD process, we enable your product/brand to reach your targeted audience and achieve your desired goals. Then we’ll finalize concept and lock in crew, equipment, talent and schedules. Getting pre-production right will ensure your video makes the biggest impact to your audience.

Post Production

The shoot is over – now what?

Our team works through all the footage to pull out the best content for your video. We lock ourselves in the editing bay to work through the final cuts, sound mixing, color grading, and more. We’ll create graphics and titles where needed and prep all assets for final delivery.  Then, it’s time for you to give your video an audience.



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